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Department of Information ISEE, Kyushu University
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Graduate School:

Department of Informatics, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering


The Department of Informatics studies information science from the viewpoint of the foundations of sciences and the tools for sciences. Information science itself theoretically studies information, including data and phenomena in the real world, which is a fount of human intelligence and senses, as a fundamental science. The department aims to train researchers and engineers, who have advanced expertise and are able to contribute to the information society, by means of providing systematic education and research on information science. The department also supports students to study science and technology as well as various sciences related to the humanities and engineering from an informatics viewpoint.

The department has three divisions: Discovery Science, Foundations of Informatics, and Global Information Systems. The Division of Discovery Science studies the theory and methodology on machine discovery which supports various sciences by allowing them to yield scientific discoveries by means of informatics. The Division of Foundation of Informatics studies the foundations of informatics by searching for solutions to various problems deployed pervasively in the real world. The Division of Global Systems, which is operating with cooperation of the Research Institute for Information Technology at Kyushu University, studies the theoretical and practical aspects of wide area networks by tackling various issues in this field.

The above-mentioned policies allow us to develop new approaches to informatics, and extend the application of informatics as well.