Department of Informatics, ISEE, Kyushu University
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Department of Information ISEE, Kyushu University
Undergraduate School Entrance Examination
Undergraduate Entrance Examination There are three types of entrance exams for the Department of Physics, Kyushu University: the AO Exam II, first period entrance exam, and the second perio
Graduate School Entrance Examination
Graduate School Entrance Examination Master Course General selection The capacity for the department is 23 students. The selection is based on a written examination an
Student Life
Student Life Seminars & Exercises Other than normal classes, there are seminars and exercises that put emphasis on independent studies and self-motivation of students. There is also a "
Careers and Jobs
Careers Of the students who graduate from the Informatics Course, Department of Physics, School of Sciences, more than 80% go on to the Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Informa